Electronic journal

An electronic journal is all information about customer applications and payments in one place. Thanks to cloud technology, several operators from different computers can work with the journal. All applications are centrally received in an electronic journal.

Application Management

Put your schedule in order

We understand that there is no such application management interface that would be convenient for everyone.
Therefore, the electronic journal can work in different modes.

Daily schedule

To view applications for a specific day. Available functions: view, edit, delete, create a new record. Schedule export to excel file is available.

Monthly Schedule

The universal interface reflects the schedule for several months in advance. Quick access to any entry.

Access control

Share Schedule Management for multiple administrators.
Simple delegation of responsibilities will greatly facilitate your work.

Payment management

Monitor all cash receipts

All payments that come from your customers we record in a separate journal.
You are always aware of how much is paid and how much is expected to be paid.

You can use the electronic journal for free.